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  • MVG Wayfinder for Directories
  • Mobiles and Integrations
  • Easily Integrated Serverless Cloud Environment
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Adaptive AI
  • Multiple Language Support & Accessibility Functions Available
  • Total Provider Including: Hardware Enclosures, Linux and/or Android-based OS Architecture

Media Vision Group | MVG

MVG Wayfinder and Mobile Companion! A unique wayfinding solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. Smart API inventory and world new AI engine for smart recommendations.

The MVG Wayfinder has been designed and built with multiple applications in mind, which include: shopping mall directories, directing travelers through busy airports, assisting hospital visitors in locating their loved ones, performing interactive guided tours in museums, guiding passengers across cruise ships, and even taking tourists on adventures through the city.

Our solution features a effortless setup solution thanks to Elo.

Applicable Products:
  • 10" - 27" I-series Touchscreen Computers
  • Elo Backpack®
  • 32" - 70" Interactive Digital Signage
  • Open-Frame Touchscreen Monitors
  • Touchscreen Monitors
  • EloView Management