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  • A powerful and friendly user digital signage CMS software compatible with Elo’s products.
  • A bank of content including customizable templates, images, weather forecast and more.
  • Integration with external data sources.


ITESMEDIA is a technology leader in digital signage and interactive software solutions that empower you to manage your Elo’s screens remotely. Our customers and partners appreciate our innovative approach and our versatility in developing simple or complex, customized projects in line with their needs. At the heart of each of the initiatives we contribute to there’s ITESLIVE , a cloud-based digital signage software. It’s the communication control center to display the information you want wherever you want it remotely. The CMS and his support are multilingual.

ITESLIVE is a state-of-the-art, scalable software suite with a proven track record for performance. It was developed specifically to address the needs related to the operation and management of dynamic signage solutions. The leading-edge, highly scalable technology used in the ITESLIVE suite is underpinned by an open, flexible architecture, allowing it to easily adapt to our clients’ current and future needs. As such, it is designed to accommodate a growing number of licences and displays, integrate data from other partners, exchange data with other businesses and integrate with other applications.

Applicable Products: