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  • Smart Terminals — Smart Terminals are the customer-facing hardware component of our PCI/EMV Unified Payment System. They work in combination with a POS application and our SmartPAY Internet Gateway. The POS application can be running on a kiosk, some other kind of self-service station or at a staff desk for counter transactions.
  • Smart Money Manager — Smart Money Manager is our POS product and is used primarily by libraries to accept payments for fines, fees, print and copy. Smart Money Manager can be used in Municipal offices to improve the workflow that goes with payments for services, utilities, and violations, etc. This eliminates dual entry, reduces errors, and produces accurate reports.
  • SmartKiosk — Smart Kiosks are used by Libraries to accept payments for fines, fees, print and copy. Smart Kiosks can be used in Municipal offices to automate payments for services, utilities, and violations, etc. Every payment at a Smart Kiosk reduces the exposure that comes from cash or credit card handling and every payment made without staff involvement yields true cost savings!


Comprise was formed in 1991; we are headquartered in Navesink, NJ. Our mission is to help municipal agencies enhance customer services and increase cost efficiencies associated with public-use technologies.  We are proud to say that we have been an enabling contributor to the important role of computers in public libraries. Our market leading product, SAM, manages limited computer resources and recovers costs associated with print and copy. This focus led us to develop solutions for managing revenues and securing personal payment information. Today, we offer solutions that automate workflow for both staff-assist and self-service payments, as well as protect personal information in a way that security minimizes the burden for our customers.

Comprise has grown to about 25 professionals dedicated to your satisfaction with our products. Team members are divided equally among Sales, Project Management, Development, Technical Support, and Customer Service…almost half of our staff has been with the Company for a decade or longer. Collectively we devote 100% of our energy to the research, development, implementation and support of technology and financial products for municipal agencies.

Comprise Technologies can support all of the all in one computers and have designed our products to work with PayPoint and to utilize Elo touchscreens for our user interface(s).

Applicable Products:
  • I-series touchscreen computers
  • X-Series All-in-one touchscreen computers
  • E-Series All-in-one touchscreen computers
  • PayPoint
  • Touchscreen monitors