February 27, 2024

Line Busting: A Game Changer for Your Business

Line busting: A game changer for your business

Image of retail line busting technology

Walking up to the checkout counter and finding a long line is certainly discouraging. It’s also costly. U.S. retailers lose up to $100 billion in sales annually according to Qudini, a provider of virtual queuing software. A Qudini survey of 2,000 consumers revealed that when they saw a line at checkout, 25% were “‘much more likely’ to avoid entering stores” (store abandonment) or “more likely to leave one without buying anything” (purchase abandonment).

Stores without wait lines

Retailers need to invest in line-busting strategies that give customers alternatives to long waits at checkout to combat these challenges.

  • Self-checkout

    A self-checkout (SCO) POS kiosk is the perfect line-busting tool. It consists of a touch-screen display integrated with any related POS peripherals, such as payment solutions and barcode scanners, or mobile devices. Quick and easy for the shopper, an SCO system with one or more POS kiosks can shorten or even eliminate lines. In addition to effective line busting, these kiosks can give consumers personalized item suggestions to upsell and cross-sell, boosting revenue per customer. SCO systems can also reduce the need for staff, and/or allow their redeployment to focus on improving the customer experience.

  • Mobile checkout

    Equipped with mobile POS devices containing contactless payment solutions, employees can bring checkout directly to the shopper. In addition to line busting, this alternative offers the possibility of a helpful customer interaction at just the time and place where purchases are being made. The customer feels supported, and the employee can upsell or cross-sell.

  • BOPIS, curbside pickup, ship-to-home

    By offering a “buy online pick up in-store” (BOPSIS) alternative, including a curbside pickup option, and/or ship-to-home, retailers can overcome customer line aversion and retain both sales and loyalty. Prominently featuring these services in all communication channels assures shoppers that obtaining the items they need can be as effortless and line-free as they desire.

Point of sale on the go

The Elo M60 Pay delivers an enterprise-grade, Android mobile POS system ready to help you assist customers anywhere, anytime. Accept payments, conduct business, and track sales – all from the palm of your hand. Choose the model that fits your business. Cellular or Wi-Fi enabled? What about an integrated 2D barcode scanner? The M60 Pay POS terminal accepts all forms of payment – with a physical card or contactless via mobile phone – and goes wherever your customers are.

The best of both worlds

Shifting consumer demands have continued to drive retailers to rethink the role of their physical locations. Today, customers are used to having the same convenience and speediness in-store as they experience in e-commerce. Line busting helps you combine this ease of shopping with the tangible customer experience that only a physical location can offer.