November 7, 2023

Elo Unveils Significant Update to EloView

Elo Unveils Significant Update to EloView

Revamped Architecture and User Interface Boost Scalability and Advanced Features

KNOXVILLE, TN — November 07, 2023 — Elo, a leading global supplier of interactive touchscreen solutions, announced the release of EloView 4. This latest update to Elo’s award-winning SaaS platform is a comprehensive overhaul from the ground up. It introduces a new backend infrastructure and a refreshed user interface. Designed with scalability in mind, EloView 4 ensures that it not only meets the surging demands of today's digital ecosystem but is also poised to seamlessly incorporate advanced features in the future. With this transformation, Elo reinforces its commitment to user-friendliness, streamlined content deployment, and robust remote device management.

At the heart of EloView 4 is an overhauled user interface, developed following rigorous development, testing and feedback from longstanding EloView customers. Aiming to enhance usability, the updated interface not only offers better handling of large device operations but also presents a more modern look and feel, guaranteeing a seamless flow that reflects the company's dedication to a user-centric approach. Users can now benefit from a more efficient user interface specifically when performing content deployments across a large number of devices, whether for immediate rollout or future scheduling. Furthermore, the interface has been thoughtfully designed to allow easy integration of new features in the future.

Managing a large fleet of Elo Android-based devices has been made even easier with EloView 4, said Craig Witsoe, CEO of Elo. It’s intuitive design and streamlined workflows pair perfectly with Elo Android hardware to provide a seamless experience for network operators and their end-customers.

While the aesthetic changes are evident, the strength of EloView 4 lies under the hood. This latest version debuts with a fortified backend infrastructure, primed for exceptional scalability tailored to the exponential growth in devices expected in the upcoming years. Users can now look forward to managing an increased number of devices per account, benefit from a quadrupled maximum content size that can reach 2 GB, experience an expansion in bulk operation size that particularly benefits large accounts, and witness an impressive 3x improvement in both search and latency times.

Beta users have raved about EloView 4’s new ‘tags’ feature, which allows customizable labels to be assigned to Elo products to help categorize and track them easily. Beyond this, we've enriched the platform with new features like a content preview function, enhanced device filtering, default content, and advanced content scheduling. And the future promises even more, including advanced device health metrics, diagnostic tools, and sophisticated payment enablement capabilities.

EloView 4 serves as the backbone of Elo EssentialEdge, a comprehensive toolset for Android tailored to enterprise customers, from user-friendly development kits to world-class life cycle management and security. Our flexible platform empowers businesses to choose the screen size, stand, and Elo Edge Connect™ accessories to craft a unique solution tailored to their specific application. Elo’s Android toolkit equips enterprises with everything from peripheral support to custom OS updates. OS 360, a testament to Elo’s dedication to security, ensures that businesses receive critical updates and the latest Android OS enhancements throughout the life cycle they require. Moreover, the seamless integration between OS 360 and EloView ensures efficient OS update management across device fleets.

Elo hardware, which includes Android-based devices such as EloPOS, I-Series, and the Backpack, is purposefully designed to integrate seamlessly with EloView 4, ensuring streamlined processes for connection, deployment, and content management. To cater to diverse needs, the platform offers three distinct versions: Core, Connect, and Control. Each version comes with unique functionalities, from automated deployments to enhanced security measures for unattended devices.

Whether it's a stadium with 650 point-of-sale systems or a sprawling restaurant chain spanning 7,000 locations, EloView 4 makes device management easy at scale.

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