EloView® Major Feature Release

Device Version

  • 3.24.38 for I-Series 2.0, Elo Backpack, PayPoint (Rev B and Plus)
  • 1.19.13 for I-Series 1.0 - Security updates and bug fixes only

The EloView product team is excited to announce a major feature release. This update adds a variety of new enterprise-focused features to EloView, including sub-accounts on the portal, ability to specify permissions and apply network settings remotely. Following is a summary of features.

Partner Portal/ Sub-Accounts
You can now create a sub-account within your account in EloView. This feature will be very powerful for enterprise customers who want to provide access to contractors (for example, multiple system integrators by geography) or for Elo resellers and ISV partners who use EloView to manage their end customer devices. A subset of devices can be allocated from the "parent" account to a sub-account. All billing is tied to the parent account, thus keeping billing simple. To create a sub-account, go to Account > Manage Accounts and click the "Add Account" Button. Following key features are available with sub-accounts.

  • Parent accounts can "jump" into sub-accounts to invite users or take actions on devices.
  • If a device is deleted from a sub-account, it will data-reset and go back to the parent.
  • A sub-account can also create a sub-account - there is no limit to the number of levels.
  • You can customize the account page with your logo - this will allow resellers and partners to offer a branded experience.

Partners can now use a specified URL in an iFrame within their portal. Together with branding customization, this feature will help Elo partners provide a uniform experience to their customers. To enable sub-accounts in your EloView portal, please contact Support.

Fine Grained Permissions
If you are an account administrator, you can now grant Read/ Write/ Create/ Delete permissions for specific action groups (see list below) to additional users. A parent account user can also grant permissions to a sub-account user. Following groups of permissions are supported.

  • User - actions related to creation, modification or deletion of additional users to the account.
  • Devices - actions related to device settings.
  • Device groups - actions related to groups and group settings.
  • Content - actions related to the content library.
  • Account - actions related to changes to account settings.
  • Content Deploy - actions related to content deployment to devices.
  • Sub Accounts - actions related to creation of sub-accounts.

This feature will allow enterprise customers to define specific roles for personnel who have access to EloView accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You can now enable multi-factor authentication for account login, content deployment and account actions. To enable this feature, go to "Account > Manager Users" and click on "User Profiles". When enabled, a one-time-password will be needed to perform the actions mentioned above. Elo supports Google Authenticator, Authy 2-factor Authenticator, FreeOTP Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

File-based Network and Proxy Configuration (Android 7.1 devices only)
You can now configure up to five wi-fi networks on a device remotely, including proxy and DNS settings, with a specified priority order. This feature is available on the device settings page - where you can download a CSV template and upload the network configuration file. Following behaviors are important to note while using this feature.

  • As previously possible, devices continue to maintain LAN -> WIFI -> Modem fallback logic.
  • On Enterprise Reset from cloud, last remembered SSID, priority and connection data will be used to reconnect to cloud, at which point device will sync its settings and content.
  • On device data reset, all network details will be erased, and device will not connect to the network post-reset, unless wifi settings are added from the control panel.
  • Changes made to wifi ON/OFF from Android settings on the device will be remembered across reboot and over-the-air upgrades.

Features focused on Deployment Automation (Android 7.1 devices only)
We continue to improve EloView to offer more and more automation for our customers around initial provisioning and installation. Following enhancements are being made in this area.

  • Added a new app, and an SDK, to access account details from the device. Your can now automate content localization using this data. More documentation in Developer Zone.
  • We now auto-grant USB permissions in Android Home mode, which previously showed a device pop-up to the user. This removes a step for first-time app use (e.g., "Allow this app to access USB device?") of an app, which in the context of a public device is irrelevant.
  • We now auto-grant App permissions, which previously required the user to enable manually from Settings > Apps > App name > App permission. This removes a step in the app install process for Android M and above.
  • You can now keep a better track of device status with a new field on devices page which shows "last seen online" and "online since".

Enhanced Account, Group and Filter Settings
As of this update, when you change a specific field in a Group or Filter Settings page, only the edited field will be applied to devices that belong to the filter or group, and unchanged fields will not be applied. Additionally, you can now take account wide actions on certain device settings on the "Account Settings" page. Screenshots (on/off), Power and Home button behavior, whitelist, Physical Analytics and Software updates can now be applied at the account level.

Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer disable wifi from the portal if the device is connected to a wifi network.
  • Clicking a device screenshot now delivers the click to the same X,Y coordinate on the device.
  • You can now access additional options for webapps which should improve video playback performance. To access these settings, click on a webapp in your library. The app needs to be dragged-and-dropped to the device after settings updates for them to take effect.
  • Removed some keys from the soft keyboard to prevent users from accessing System settings.
  • A variety of security updates and bug-fixes.

Method of Distribution and Timing
This update will be available to apply via Advanced OTA on April 26, 2018 and will become the default to update from the device control panel on May 3, 2018. There is no downtime associated with this update. As always, your devices will never prompt for an update or auto-update. Once the update is available, devices can be updated from the EloView Portal or at the device-level from the EloView Control Panel.