EloView® Major Feature Release

Device Version

  • 3.23.9 for I-Series 2.0, Elo Backpack, PayPoint Plus for Android, PayPoint for Android Rev. B

The EloView product team is excited to announce a new device-side image release for EloView powered devices. This update addresses a variety of bugs, performance enhancements and security updates on 2.0 devices. There are no feature of user-experience (UX) related to this release. For additional information please contact your Elo Tech Support Contacts.

Method of Distribution and Timing
This update will be available to apply via Advanced OTA on April 17, 2018 and will become the default to update from the device control panel on April 24, 2018. There is no downtime associated with this update.

As always, your devices will never prompt for an update or auto-update. Once the update is available, devices can be updated from the EloView Portal or at the device-level from the EloView Control Panel.