EloView Release Notes

Elo is releasing a minor update to the I-Series (10", 15" and 22”) products to add new features and address some performance concerns.

  • Adds an API for trusted partner’s management or player applications to trigger a device-side update from a specified file location.
  • Resolves a bug where in some cases, a secondary display attached to the I-Series could stop responding following a power interruption.
  • Addresses security vulnerabilities.

Method of Distribution

  • An “Update Device” link on your EloView portal, under Device Settings, Software tab.
  • Via device control panel – System page – Update Device button.
  • EloView portal upgrade will be available automatically upon login​.

Note - Devices will not update without action from customer’s system administrator.

Production Cut-in
New Elo I-Series devices shipping to customers in June 2016 and later. Note that due to inventory at Elo warehouses, in distribution and in shipping, we are unable to provide a precise date. However, any device received can be upgraded to the current version – a best practice prior to deployment.

EloView Product Team