July 2022 Release Notes for Android 10 Elo Devices

Device Version

  • for I-Series 4 Standard, Backpack 4 Standard, M50, M50C, M60, M60C
  • for I-Series 4 Value, Backpack 4 Value

On July 19th, 2022, the Elo Android team released a new OS update for Android 10 devices. This update includes feature enhancements and bug fixes that will improve the performance and usability of the devices. This update is available for download on the EloView cloud portal as a dropdown OTA and will become the default OTA download on EloView and OEMConfig as of July 26th, 2022. Please reach out to your Elo support contact for any additional questions or to request access to a direct download of this update.

New features and enhancements:

  • Added auto hint text support in dictionary for the Elo Enterprise Keyboard.
  • Added access restriction support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings in Elo Home app.
  • Added support to manage USB ports for Elo flip stands.
  • Added support for content pinning to prevent background content from playing in the front.
  • Added additional details on EloView Home screen to show the device name and online status.
  • Added battery level indicator for Elo mobile devices.
  • Improvements to show information from the external USB hub for Elo Z Series POS stands in the peripheral details tab of the EloView cloud portal.
  • Improvements to make Elo UI work with all density values of Android settings.
  • Improvements to make the Elo screensaver more intuitive during content installation and network discrepancy.
  • Improvements to clear Elo Lock Screen password once it has been disabled from EloView cloud portal.
  • Added API support for the following:
    • Configuring smallest width to provide alternative layouts for screens that have minimum width measured in density-independent pixels.
    • Allow installation of specific and any applications from unknown sources.
    • Managing Wi-Fi in Android Home and EloView mode.
    • Setting language in Android Home and EloView mode.
    • Setting and getting NTP (Network Time Protocol) server addresses.
    • Managing display size.
    • Managing adb over network.
    • Managing GMS (Google Mobile Services) packages.

As always, your devices will never prompt for an update or auto-update. Once the update is available, devices can be updated from the EloView Portal or at the device-level from the EloView Control Panel.