The 17D Series 17" All-in-One Touchcomputers bring style, flexibility and functionality to point-of-sale (POS), retail and hospitality businesses. With a wide array of field-installable peripherals, spill-resistant sealing, and a range of input/output port connection options, the 17D1 and 17D2 are versatile and powerful. These touchcomputers are designed with the future in mind, allowing easy serviceability of the main components and excellent performance utilizing Intel Dual-Core 2.2 GHz or Intel Core Duo 3.0 GHZ processors. The 17D Series expands the Elo TouchSystems high profile family of reliable, easy-to-integrate multi-function touch solutions.

Other features
  • "Designed for touch" from the ground-up; stable stand and tiltable display - Elo quality and reliability
  • On-screen display controls located on the bottom rather than the front, plus lockout function for public use - Minimizes accidental or inadvertent changes to the display's controls
  • Security lock receptacle - Provides fast, effective, and convenient security
  • Supports 2nd internal SATA hard disk drive - Enables extra storage capacity or disk mirroring (RAID) for data protection
  • Worldwide agency approvals - Meets local agency approvals, as required in many countries
  • Field-installable peripherals - Minimizes downtime with peripherals that are easily installed in the field rather than factory
  • Field-replaceable motherboard, hard drive and power supply - Easy serviceability minimizes downtime
  • Excellent cable management and cables hidden from view - Eliminate accidental disconnection and give a clean, professional look
  • 5 serial (2 of which are powered, 5V default/12V switchable), 7 USB 2.0, Ethernet 100/10 Base-T, Cash drawer port, 2 PS/2, Audio (1 line-in, 1 line-out, 1 mic-in), 24V printer power connector, parallel port - Accessible POS/POI-focused input/output ports make installation of peripherals easy


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