The Elo 1520 All-in-One Touchcomputer brings a new level of performance to graphic-intensive applications, such as patient bedside entertainment, retail digital signage, point-of-information and table-top gaming where high processing speed and advanced video graphics are needed. To meet the diverse computing needs required for these markets, the 1520 is available with the choice of two processors: the Intel® Core Duo 3.0 GHz or the Intel® Dual Core Atom™ 1.6Ghz, both with an advanced graphics chip set and multiple external ports to support a variety of configurations.

The 1520 expands the Elo family of reliable, multi-function touch solutions. The 1520 All-in-One Touchcomputer supports the popular Microsoft operating systems, including Windows XP and WEPOS, and is also available with no operating system offering maximum flexibility. A selection of industry-leading Elo touch technologies including Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR), IntelliTouch® surface acoustic wave, and AccuTouch® 5-wire resistive make the 1520 All-in-One Touchcomputer a solutions-based system preferred for the rigors of public venues such as retail display units, customer loyalty systems, point of information systems, internet access sites, and digital signage as well as bedside entertainment and home control.

Other features
  • "Designed for touch" from the ground-up; stable stand and adjustable tilt display - Elo quality and reliability
  • Wide portfolio of touch technologies, each optimized for different operating characteristics and environments to suit diverse application requirements - Eliminate accidental damage when liquids are spilled
  • Long-lasting product design - Elo touchcomputers have a history of being available—with an unchanged mechanical design—throughout all phases of project rollouts and for future spares
  • Bright, high contrast - Improved screen readability
  • Security lock receptacle - Provides fast, effective, and convenient security
  • Excellent cable management and cables hidden from view - Eliminate accidental disconnection with a clean, professional look
  • Multiple input/outputs - Accessible input/output ports for easy connection
  • Ability to further customize internal components and external features - Designed to add highly customizable features to meet customers demanding requirements in a variety of settings
  • 3-year warranty - Customer satisfaction and peace of mind


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