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  • Self-service touchscreen Indyme StyleLink™ kiosks and interactive digital monitors for apparel and specialty retailers
  • Complete hardware and software integration
  • Retailer Options:
  • Tech Specs — 15" - 70" Elo touchscreen monitors, various mounting options
  • Inventory Integration — Elo Barcode Scanner
  • Payment Processing — Credit card reader, "transmit to POS" functions
  • Customer Service Feature — Indyme help button (soft) or ADA compliant physical button


Indyme is the leading global provider of customer engagement and loss prevention solutions for retail chains. Our Smart Response® in-store communications system, sensor networks and cloud based data portal provide actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and decrease theft.

Merge the ease of online shopping and the in-store shopping experience with Indyme StyleLink™ kiosk. Using consumer-facing ēlo Touchscreen Monitors, shoppers independently access inventory options - styles, sizes, and colors!

With the scan of a price tag, customers can also view product recommendations, reviews, and head-to-toe looks. The integrated barcode scanner quickly locates product information, availability and style suggestions.

For seamless payment completion, add optional credit card reader or "transmit to POS" function. Offer exceptional customer service with Indyme's help button feature (soft button or ADA-compliant physical button). When not in use, the StyleLink monitor functions as programmable branding/sales digital signage.

Enhance customer engagement with Indyme StyleLink - personalized shopping technology.

Applicable Products:
  • 10" - 27" I-series touchscreen computers