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  • Self-Order Kiosks (K1 & K2)
  • Freestanding Kiosks
  • Pillar Mounted Kiosks
  • Wall-Mounted Kiosks
  • Counter-Mounted Kiosks
  • Indoor & Outdoor Digital Signage and Enclosures
  • In-Window Displays
  • Switchboard™ Content Management System
  • Digital Production
  • Creative Services
Vertical Markets
  • QSR
  • Retail
  • C-Store
  • Grocery
  • Hospitality
  • Amusement & Entertainment
  • Travel & Transportation

Coates Group

Coates Group is a digital merchandising solutions provider delivering innovative digital hardware and a game-changing content management system that help brands execute an engaging, personalized experience for every customer.

At Coates, we understand the customer’s demand for rich brand experiences. Coates gives its clients the opportunity to meet these demands with an engaging and powerful customer journey, curated through the use of industry-leading digital solutions. Founded in the 1960s as a small Australian-based lettering business, Coates has led the way into the digital signage space, deploying tens of thousands of self-serve kiosks and digital merchandising displays to leading brands across the globe. With 8 offices around the world fit to support hundreds of markets, Coates is actively exploring new technologies around machine learning, trialing license plate recognition, and leveraging the power of analytics. Innovation and the evolution of product designs remains the core focus as Coates continues to challenge the industry norm. Coates prides itself as drivers of growth, technology innovators and the connection between brands and its customers.

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