Device Page, Content Page and Dashboard Page

You can now search within the Device page, Content page and Dashboard page using a parameter-based search. Filters allow you to quickly search save and recall custom search parameters. Simply type your query within the search box [or select from predefined Checkbox] and the relevant devices will appear. Filters also suggest text as you type, making it easy to assemble advanced filter criterion.


  • Query for status of device.
  • status: “Locked”
  • status: “Offline”
  • status: “Online"
  • status: “Unregistered”
  • Query by device location.
  • location: “Milpitas”
  • Query by device Timezone.
  • timezone: “Denver”
  • Query by content deployed on device.
  • content: “My_App”
  • Query by status of content deployed on device.
  • Contentstatus: “Failed”
  • Contentstatus: “Pending”
  • Contentstatus: “Success”
  • Query by status “How” Content is deployed on device. “DnD” for Drop and Drop; “Schedule” for Schedule Content.
  • Contentstatus: “DnD”
  • Contentstatus: “Schedule”
  • Query by site name of device.
  • sitename: “Europe”
  • Query by OS Version of device.
  • osversion: “1.11”
  • Query by device orientation.
  • orientation: “Landscape”
  • orientation: “Portrait”
  • Query by "AND/OR/NOT" combination of above filters.
  • orientation: “portrait” and contentstatus: "success"
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